Slangkop lighthouse



Slangkop lighthouse, operational since 4th March 1919, the cast iron tower was imported from Engeland. It has a range of 64 sea miles. It has approximate 5,000000 candlepower it is also the tallest cast iron tower on the South African coast with a height of 48 meters

Mouille Point lighthouse

greenpoint lighthouse

Mouille Point light house with its red and white candy stripes - the oldest working lighthouse on the South African coast since 1824 The original lighthouse used 9 liters of sperm oil per night. 

Cape Columbine

cape columbine lighthouse

The lighthouse at Cape Columbine on the South African west coast is one of only a handful of manned lighthouses still operating, the majority are now automated it was build in 1938. There are also holiday facilities

Cape Agulhas


After the stranding of the Birkenhead a notice by the secretary of the Cape was issued on 15 December 1848 and that the light would be lit on 1 March 1849 The beam has a reach of thirty sea miles

Lighthouse Map

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